Worldwide Curriculum Network

Historically, and by nature, colleges and universities tend to be highly independent. They pride themselves on the uniqueness of their faculties, and certainly on their curriculum offerings.

However, rapidly changing demographics of their student constituencies and urgent new business community needs are placing unprecedented pressure on these institutions to review and update their curriculum more frequently. Such changing conditions also drive the modern institution to innovate in their curriculum offering using a more global perspective.

Curriculum Database

We believe that these trends emphasize the need for a shared, worldwide curriculum database. It is precisely why we have begun building exactly such a database. Our CurricUSEARCH feature provides all our participating institutions with Web-based access to 100% of one another’s approved course outlines and program/degree offerings.

Supporting Curriculum Review

This database is designed to encourage and facilitate curriculum review innovation, as well as inter-institution collaboration for certain offerings.

Facilitating Accreditation

The fact that such updating of curriculum is an increasing factor in accreditation processes further emphasizes the value of such a shared database.

But even beyond that need, we believe such a worldwide database will energize and facilitate the global cooperation and collaboration among institutions of higher learning.

Worldwide Curriculum Network

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